Lakeside Manor Retirement

What is long-term care (LTC)? Any family member or friend that is starting the process of dealing with an elderly parent, someone with a chronic illness, or a disability is going to need to fully understand what long-term care is and how they can best support their loved one in need of long-term care. The term long-term care covers a variety of services that deal with both the medical and non-medical needs of those who are unable to care for themselves for long periods of time. As mentioned before, those typically in need of long-term care are those who are elderly, disabled, or suffering from chronic illness.

Those who are in the initial stages of needing long-term care may only need someone to provide custodial, or non-skilled care. This type of care usually involves helping someone with basic daily tasks like using the bathroom, bathing, or dressing. As your loved one’s condition deteriorates, begins taking too much of your time, or their needs become more complex you are going to have to look into providing a level of care that incorporates medical expertise.

For those in Reno who are in need of long-term care, consider calling the experts at Lakeside Manor Retirement Home. Our well-trained and courteous staff is very knowledgeable about what is needed to care for those who cannot care for themselves. There are often multiple conditions associated that need to be addressed with elderly populations, many of which require more time, expertise, and patience than the typical custodian is able, or willing, to provide.

When you consider that the average life expectancy is continually rising, it has become apparent that nearly everyone will, at some point in their lives, require some sort of long-term care. When that time comes Lakeside Manor will be ready, willing, and able to accommodate all of the long-term care needs for you or your loved one.