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Lakeside Reno Retirement | Lakeside Manor standard

Reno, Nevada is a great place to retire and spend your hard-earned golden years. Why is a Reno Retirement the best option for you? Well, that’s easy! If you enjoy experiencing all four seasons, outdoor activities, breathtaking vistas, and world-class entertainment then a Reno Retirement is the best option for you!The Reno/Tahoe area is packed with world-class walking, hiking, and biking trails that will offer you a nearly endless supply of fun-filled days nestled in the beautiful Lake Tahoe National Forest. With Lake Tahoe a mere 45 minutes away, you’re always less than an hour away from a great day! Beyond that, Reno is home to a multitude of venues that offer amazing cultural events like the symphony, opera, ...

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Get An Active Reno Retirement! standard

Why is Reno a great place for active seniors? Good question, we’re glad you asked. Reno retirement is about more than casinos, all you can eat buffets, and being near the mountains. There are plenty of fun activities in Reno that make for a great Reno retirement experience! As the 4th largest city in Nevada with a population of about 220,000, Reno is located near Sparks in the northwest corner of Nevada. While Reno became famous during the 20th century as a quick place to get a divorce, Reno has since become a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, automotive aficionados, and artists nationwide.Located a mere 45 minutes away from Lake Tahoe National Forest, Reno has undergone a lot of renovations ...

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Characteristics of a Reno Assisted Living Resident standard

You’re considering moving into a Reno assisted living facility, but maybe you’re not sure if you need to yet. We understand, Reno assisted living might not be the right option for you right now, but if you’re unsure then keep reading. This article will cover some of the general characteristics of a Reno assisted living resident; maybe it will help you come to a conclusion.The first characteristic of a candidate for Reno assisted living is the display of some sort of mental or emotional disturbance that does not indicate that they are at risk on imminent harm to themselves or others. Maybe your memory is fading or you just aren’t as responsive as you once were, either way you ...

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How Much Money Will You Need for Retirement in Reno Nevada? standard

The main goal before you retire is to make sure that you have enough money when you do retire so you can maintain your standard of living. How much is enough depends on when you wish to retire, what your anticipated living expenses will be, what rate of return you can expect on your savings, and whether you will continue to work at all after retirement. The anticipated date of your retirement affects two important factors: how much time you will have to save up for retirement and the number of years you can expect to live after you retire. A qualified financial advisor can help you sketch out your retirement plans in terms of timing and lifestyle. Once you ...

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Retirement Reno standard

Families have so many choices to make when the search for senior retirement housing options. With so many retirement options available in Reno, it’s easy to feel confused and overwhelmed by all the different kinds of communities. It’s important to learn the differences so you can make the right choice for your family! Senior Retirement communities in Reno Nevada need to cater to seniors. Most people are independent and do not want to be “nannied”, we take pride in making our residents feel at home and free to do whatever they please! Most residents have at Lakeside Manor Retirement have few medical problems, but for those who do, we are responsive and offer beyond amazing care! All residents live in ...

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Active Senior Living at Lakeside Manor standard

Active senior living can be scary for seniors who are just moving from the comfort of the home they have been in for many years, to a new retirement home. Here at Lakeside Manor our goal is to keep each and every one of our residents happy, active and comfortable. We have a full Activities Calendar that is given to our residents along with our monthly newsletter of what is going to happen that month. We love to have our residents involved with everything we do as a community such as new activity ideas, new destinations for our monthly trips, places to eat or events going on in our community. We always ask our new move-ins what type of hobbies ...

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