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Financial Information in selecting a Retirement Community standard

The purpose of this article is to inform you of the financial options, not in any way to suggest one instance/model is better than another. The Three Financial Options in selecting a Retirement Community are: Entrance Fee Model: Entrance fees are sometimes called equity fees, residence and care fees, or endowment fees. These fees vary regarding how much of your initial deposit may be contractually refundable. The entrance fee model is the most common model in Northern Nevada. The fee is generally for the provision of housing; the resident then pays a monthly fee for recurring services. Equity Model: Equity model communities offer more of a traditional real estate purchase situation. At an equity model community, members own their unit. ...

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Birthday Party! standard

Today is our Resident Birthday Party. Everyone is invited! We like to celebrate our residents with a monthly birthday party. We serve cake and ice cream, drinks and have amazing music. We also give out birthday presents. It’s a present bag filled with goodies such as lotions, perfumes, snacks, shampoos and other goodies. Our residents really love them. This month we had a total of 10 birthdays! We sing Happy Birthday to each person. Everyone has such a good time, fills up on cake and ice cream and sings-a-long with the music. Happy Birthday to October!

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Active Senior Living at Lakeside Manor standard

Active senior living can be scary for seniors who are just moving from the comfort of the home they have been in for many years, to a new retirement home. Here at Lakeside Manor our goal is to keep each and every one of our residents happy, active and comfortable. We have a full Activities Calendar that is given to our residents along with our monthly newsletter of what is going to happen that month. We love to have our residents involved with everything we do as a community such as new activity ideas, new destinations for our monthly trips, places to eat or events going on in our community. We always ask our new move-ins what type of hobbies ...

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