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Over the summer or the holidays, many of us visit parents or other older relatives. These visits can be enjoyable, but are often stressful if adult children realize their parents are getting to the point where they need help managing their home or health. One option to consider is a move to retirement living, sometimes called independent living, in a senior community. Independent retirement living is designed for people who are able to live fairly independently, but want the reassurance of knowing assistance is available if needed. It’s a good option for seniors who want social opportunities, security, and access to the services that a senior community provides. Independent living residents usually live in apartments (studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom or ...

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Senior Care Reno Nevada standard

If you dread approaching the sensitive subject with your parents about senior housing and care you are most certainly not alone. For most of us this conversation is right up there with having “The Talk” with our teens about the birds and the bees – awkward and uncomfortable. Equipping yourself with a strategy and clarifying your parents’ goals and preferences will help relieve anxiety for all involved. Encourage your siblings to be involved in the discussion. This will ensure that everyone understands your parents’ desires and needs, and will keep peace in the family, as well as lessen guilt when those tough decisions have to be made. Practice Good Listening Skills Recognize that your goal is to assist your parents ...

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