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Many families think that home and familiar surroundings will be the best place for their loved one facing a memory loss illness. Yet, people with memory loss need around-the-clock supervision, constant companionship and structured activities throughout the day to thrive. If you are wondering about your loved one’s ability to remain in his or her own home, here are some practical considerations regarding home safety and independence, cognitive abilities, social situation and overall well-being. Problems or issues in any of these categories indicate changes in daily functioning abilities, decreased judgment, loss of executive functioning and working memory and indicate a clear problem. Health, Hygiene and Safety Is your loved one still cooking every day? Is he or she maintaining a ...

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Deciding to move a parent into assisted living is a big decision – and one that is best done by making numerous smaller decisions. Going from considering making such a move to taking action (or not) can be made easier by realizing a few things about this process. You are not the first person to have to deal with the many issues, challenges, and emotions this decision entails. Many others have already gone through this process and you can benefit from what they have learned. This list is meant as a way to help you not to miss any details – be they emotional, financial, or pragmatic – that you might need to focus on in order to help make ...

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