Senior Fest 2014
Tuesday September 2nd, 9 – 2 p.m.
Reno “Old” Town Mall

Senior Fest 2014 Health Screenings Available
Health screenings will be provided at the 19th annual Senior Fest, Sept. 2. Screenings begin at 8 a.m. in the front parking lot of Reno Town Mall. Look for the tents at 4001 S. Virginia Street, Reno.
Nurses provide an immunization to a senior attendee
Health Screenings

Senior Care Plus, a Medicare Advantage Plan from Hometown Health, will offer these free screenings to attendees age 50 and older, regardless of your health insurance carrier:
Fasting is recommended for 10 hours prior to the first two tests listed above. Take morning medications as usual and drink water during the fast.

• Basic Metabolic Panel and Lipid Profile to check for electrolytes, kidney chemistry and cholesterol • levels Glycohemogloben (Hemoglobin A1C) to check for long-term control of diabetes
• Blood pressure check
• Body Mass Index (BMI)
• Pharmacist review of medications
• Flu and Pneumonia Shots

Flu and pneumonia shots will be given as available for ages 50+ while supplies last. Must meet CDC criteria for pneumonia immunization.

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