Active Senior Living Reno

The cost of Reno senior living is also very favorable. There are a lot of affordable assisted living facilities in Reno that allow you to have a worry free Reno retirement. There is also a large variety of Reno retirement housing options ranging from downtown condominiums to luxury homes in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains. Whatever your budget, you will be able to find the Reno retirement home of your dreams.

Over the past decade Reno has worked a lot towards revamping its public image. By this we mean that gambling is not the only thing Reno is known for nowadays. Boasting an open and friendly lifestyle, the Reno Sparks area is welcoming of newcomers; whether you’re joining a new church, reading group, or golf club making new friends is very easy in the Reno area.

Reno is also centrally located to many desirable vacation locations. Bordering 5 states you’ll be able to drive to the California coast or visit the forests in Oregon within a days drive. If you don’t feel like driving you can take to the skies through Reno’s international airport or hop on the train for a relaxing rail car trip across the country. The possibilities are endless!

If you’re in need of a relaxing climate, you’ll find your senior living Reno is filled with mild winters and breezy summers. Reno rarely sees heavy snowfall, and if it does snow in the valley it usually melts off quickly in the morning sun. Summer days in Reno are comfortably warm, never muggy, and as the sun begins to set a cool evening breeze welcomes you. Simply put, retirement in Reno is the epitome of relaxation.

Should you find yourself in need of long term care in Reno then you’ll be pleased to know that Reno offers world-class medical care. Reno hospitals are always investing in the newest technologies and recruit top healthcare professionals, but don’t let all this modernization fool you… Reno hospitals still take an old fashioned approach to patient relationships.

Whether you’re planning on spending your twilight years on the golf course, hitting the slopes, or indulging your cultural interests there is always something to do in Reno. After all, Reno isn’t “The Biggest Little City” for nothing.