Lakeside Manor in Reno, Nevada offers assisted living for seniors who may need help in managing certain basic daily living activities such as cooking meals, bathing or dressing themselves, doing laundry, or taking medications without assistance.

Northern Nevada Assisted Living Overview

Seniors at Lakeside can maintain an active lifestyle while their family members get the peace of mind of knowing that a caring, well-trained staff is right there, if their family member need assistance.

Maybe Mom doesn’t take walks like she used to, or Dad can’t mow the lawn anymore. It may be tempting to just pass these things off as a normal part of aging, but sometimes the best thing we can do for our families is acknowledge that there is a problem, and help get them the assisted care they need to remain safe, independent and healthy for as long as possible.

Lakeside Manor Care: What to Expect
Our care is intended to allow residents to maintain the greatest level of independence possible while receiving assistance with particular daily activities. At Lakeside Manor Retirement, we offer assisted living care that provides a living environment in which seniors can truly ‘age in place.’
* Our services can be customized to ensure that each resident’s care is appropriate in meeting their current needs.

Northern Nevada Assisted Living Overview

Our key goals are to promote aging in place, and to maximize function and quality of life for our residents. Assuring timely identification of acute clinical problems, and optimally managing physical and behavioral problems. At Lakeside Retirement, nursing care and nursing oversight is an essential.

* Services At Lakeside Retirement Reno include all manner of assistance, ranging from traditional housekeeping and linen service to lifestyle-enhancing activities.

Assisted Living Trends
Assisted living communities have become increasingly dedicated to innovation and an emphasis on hospitality in order to remain competitive during challenging economic times. Understanding the resulting assisted living trends will be helpful to families that are in the process of exploring the various options available for aging loved ones. Lakeside Manor is amongst the leaders in Northern Nevada for hospitality and innovation. We offer spacious community areas where residents can enjoy a full social life, lots of brain and body activities, private study locations, online computing assistance and general computer aid, as well as offering you to have the companionship of your pet. We care, and it shows.

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