There are many positives and benefits of assisted living, but the decision to transition from an established home to a new environment in assisted living can certainly be challenging for everyone involved in the transition.

Assisted living benefits include the opportunity for seniors to have an engaging lifestyle while receiving the service and care they need to live comfortably. Lakeside Manor is committed to meeting the needs of seniors while also promoting socialization rather than isolation. A high quality of life can help an older adult or their family member make the most of the golden years in a secure environment geared toward mental and physical health and well-being.

When an older adult is beginning to struggle with daily tasks, that person or their family members may consider whether remaining at home is, in fact, the best course of action. While it’s tempting to want to stay or have a parent or patient stay in an area they are familiar with, there are many benefits to assisted living care.

Seniors who enter an assisted living residence that provides an active and engaging lifestyle can expect to have their own private space to live in and decorate as they please. Assisted living communities are typically designed to meet the needs of seniors, and floor plans should be extremely simple to navigate. If a senior needs to use a wheelchair or a walker, all areas of the community should accommodate easy movement. Elevators should be available for use in multi-level communities, preventing the worry of residents with balance or mobility issues having to use the stairs. In addition, all hallways should provide handrails to aid in stability while walking.

More benefits of assisted living include apartments that are constructed to meet the needs of aging adults and include shelving and cupboards that are easily within reach, and floors which promote safe walking due to non-skid material construction and firm carpeting. Assisted living communities typically include large windows to provide significant amounts of natural light as well as plenty of artificial light to aid in clarity of vision. Most high-end assisted living residences feature a cleaning service to free up time and energy that would otherwise be spent on housework.

In addition to the senior friendly construction of the grounds and individual residences, assisted living communities typically offer levels of care that can include the ability to access health care, doctor services and medical necessities which are tailored to the needs of individual residents. A resident can have assistance with meal preparation and eating, baths or showers, getting dressed, using the bathroom, and mobility upon request. A key benefit of assisted living communities is the ability for residents to contact emergency care personnel at any time, day or night, from multiple rooms. A dining area typically provides three delicious meals daily, removing the need to cook. Transportation and shuttles should be available for seniors, as well as the opportunity to participate in programs that promote exercise and wellness.

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