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Flu Shots for Seniors standard

Autumn is here and a cold is at the tip of our nose, it’s Flu Shot time. A flu shot clinic has been offered to the Residents of Lakeside Manor. Which means, a pharmacist will be using our activities room to give our residents a flu shot for the season. Also available is the pneumonia & shingles vaccine. Very convenient for our residents who do not wish to go out in the cold & windy weather. I know my allergies are driving me bonkers! I can’t breath with an itchy throat and my eyes are itchy and dry. This will pass though I’m sure of it. Be sure to wash your hands and use sanitizer. Stay Healthy.

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It’s Halloween Time! standard

It’s October!!! Which means it’s almost Halloween my favorite time of year. Here at Lakeside Manor we have our decorations up and our residents love them. From the creepy witches guarding our front desk to all the spider webs waiting to catch you. We are getting our second floor activity room ready for our Halloween Bash! We can’t wait to see what everyone dresses up as and how their door looks for our Door Décor contest! Be sure to keep your flashlights with you that night, you never know where the witches & goblins are hiding.

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Birthday Party! standard

Today is our Resident Birthday Party. Everyone is invited! We like to celebrate our residents with a monthly birthday party. We serve cake and ice cream, drinks and have amazing music. We also give out birthday presents. It’s a present bag filled with goodies such as lotions, perfumes, snacks, shampoos and other goodies. Our residents really love them. This month we had a total of 10 birthdays! We sing Happy Birthday to each person. Everyone has such a good time, fills up on cake and ice cream and sings-a-long with the music. Happy Birthday to October!

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Baking Club standard

We recently had a Baking Club activity where we all hand made Cinnamon & Pecan Pinwheels from scratch. It is so much fun seeing active residents making yummy treats to share with everyone and hearing of old recipes passed down in their families. Some I will be sharing with my family. Where our other residents love watching many of our movies in our movie lounge, drinking coffee or crocheting by the electric fireplace. So many fun times to be had this season and I can’t wait to make memories with all of our great residents here at Lakeside Manor.

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Active Senior Living at Lakeside Manor standard

Active senior living can be scary for seniors who are just moving from the comfort of the home they have been in for many years, to a new retirement home. Here at Lakeside Manor our goal is to keep each and every one of our residents happy, active and comfortable. We have a full Activities Calendar that is given to our residents along with our monthly newsletter of what is going to happen that month. We love to have our residents involved with everything we do as a community such as new activity ideas, new destinations for our monthly trips, places to eat or events going on in our community. We always ask our new move-ins what type of hobbies ...

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The Weather is Changing standard

Autumn is in the air and we sure can feel it. Today is extremely chilly, especially for our seniors. Be sure to bundle up if going outside for anything today. Instead of going in to the cold, why not get comfy on your favorite sofa or chair with a good book or a nice cup of hot cocoa. The winter is coming there’s no doubt about that and the seasons are changing before our eyes. But it is Reno, if you don’t like the weather wait 15 minutes and it’ll change. Our residents here at Lakeside Manor are at the table in the library playing Yahtzee and we just had some delicious hot chocolate. Everyone is warm and happy here ...

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