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How to Choose an Emergency Alert System Reno Nevada standard

Life Alert vs Lifeline for Northern Nevada’s Elderly More than 33 percent of accidents and falls involving people over age 65 occur at home, according to the CDC. A caregiver’s worries never end, particularly when the elderly parent wants to remain living in their own home – which most seniors would prefer to do for as long as possible. But what if an elderly mother falls, or dad has heart attack, stroke or any medical emergency? What if they are home alone? What if they can’t get to a telephone to dial for help? There are many devices available that will instantly summon help in the event of an emergency. Sometimes called Personal Emergency Response System, Medical Alert, or Medical ...

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Financial Information in selecting a Retirement Community standard

The purpose of this article is to inform you of the financial options, not in any way to suggest one instance/model is better than another. The Three Financial Options in selecting a Retirement Community are: Entrance Fee Model: Entrance fees are sometimes called equity fees, residence and care fees, or endowment fees. These fees vary regarding how much of your initial deposit may be contractually refundable. The entrance fee model is the most common model in Northern Nevada. The fee is generally for the provision of housing; the resident then pays a monthly fee for recurring services. Equity Model: Equity model communities offer more of a traditional real estate purchase situation. At an equity model community, members own their unit. ...

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